Software & Technology SPECIALISTS

Talent Solutions for high-tech industries.


In today’s competitive business landscape, one can argue that all companies need to attract, hire, and retain a high caliber of technical talent in order to modernize to compete or launch a new disruptive business model.

Choosing the right TALENT PARTNER is a strategic decision.

Leveraging an RPO can solve for hiring fluctuations, reduce time-to-fill, enhance the candidate and hiring manager experiences, and bring in new tools and fills in existing gaps, among many other benefits. Whether it’s a short term or long term problem you’re trying to solve, whether you are growing your venture-backed startup, or a well-known tech giant, rely on Bertoni’s delivery capabilities to acquire the tech savvy talent on time.

Areas of Specialty:

REGIONAL, On-Demand, Technology-Driven IT TALENT Solutions

At Bertoni, we combine our networking depth in MedTech and Life Science talent, to onboard talent for our clients going through a significant hiring ramp. Our agile and flexible approach means that we can quickly start immediately after the intake call and focus on your priorities — identifying top talent to execute on your product development, clinical study, quality milestones, or new commercial strategy.

Key Benefits of Working With BERTONI

After an initial assessment of your needs, we develop a customized, all-inclusive recruiting solution, that addresses your talent acquisition gaps. A well supported Talent Acquisition Team you lead, working collaboratively with the expertise and outreach we provide will give your company a sustainable competitive advantage over the war for talent.