ENERGY Recruitment

Oil & Gas, Electricity, Nuclear & Renewable. 

TALENT for the ENERGY Industry

Our energy recruiting team is well-versed in the unique requirements and challenges presented by the energy market. This includes sectors like oil and gas, electricity, coal, nuclear energy, renewable energy, energy trading, energy services, energy infrastructure, and emerging energy technologies

Our Clients

We’ve assisted talent acquisition teams for Chevron, BP, YPF, Rosneft,  Exxon, Mark ENI and many more, averaging 1,500 manufacturing roles filled.

Areas of Specialty:

Global, On-Demand, Technology-Driven RPO Solutions

Our agile and flexible approach means that we can quickly start immediately after the intake call and focus on your priorities — identifying top talent to execute on your project development ,quality milestones, or new strategy.

Key Benefits of Working With BERTONI

After an initial assessment of your needs, we develop a customized, all-inclusive recruiting solution, that addresses your talent acquisition gaps. Working collaboratively with the expertise and outreach we provide will give your company a sustainable competitive advantage over the war for talent.